Written By: Gaurika Gupta

Maguire is an all-women company run by some very strong and independent females. The company’s mission is to provide quality fashion footwear at accessible and affordable prices. The designs of the shoes and accessories are original and the manufacturers are hand-picked by a team from all around the world. 

Then they sell those hand-made and hand-picked shoes and accessories to us, directly from the manufacturers. They usually have the items on their website and pop-up shops. 
Maguire – a Montreal-based brand was founded by sisters Myriam and Romy. The only intention in their mind was to bring something new to the footwear industry, an industry that has remained unchanged for a long period.

Their company was launched in 2016 when they had only one product to showcase and a website to sell on, but with time the company has grown, having 2 stores in Canada and sales in more than 10 different countries. 

Their true motive to provide luxury products at a cheap price was successful. 

Their products are sketched out in Montreal and sourced from family-owned manufacturers mainly in Europe but also from around the world. Every month the team visits the factories and keeps a check on how the factories operate with the labourers. 

Soon, they are going to open more factories in other countries as well. 

Below are some of the best-selling shoes and accessories from Maguire

01: These handmade Avila Black boots are manufactured in Alicante, Spain. It comes in 4 different colours and has a 2.8” heel. 

You can find these boots here:

02: These laced boots are made with sheepskin, handmade in Florence, Italy. These boots are good for winter as they keep your feet warm but keep in mind they are water-resistant not waterproof.  

You can find these boots here:

03: Their well-known loafers are known for providing comfort and the signature bow on top. These loafers come in 6 different staple colours. These can be ideal office wear because of the softback and formal appeal. 

You can find these boots here:

04: This lovely Florence Black bag is made in Italy and is perfect for you because you can either wear it as a backpack or carry it as a handbag, all up to your mood. You can also fit in a 15” inch laptop in this bag which makes it a perfect fit for students and working adults.

You can find this bag here:

Let us know if you like the footwear & accessories and if you’ll try them out. 

The website can be found here: