Lockdown Graduation Outfit Ideas

Read Time:1 Minute, 53 Second

Written by: Zoya Abbas

Here we are in our second round of lockdown graduations. Last year most of us spent it in a 2-piece tie-dye sweatsuit, with a bottle of wine and our laptops. Well, this year let’s just say that we’re more experienced in this lockdown situation & don’t want to miss out on big moments in our lives in outfits we’ll regret wearing for this huge achievement of ours! Decorate your house or yard to have a little celebration with your family or housemates, & maybe even a virtual party! If you’re wondering what you should wear? We’ve got you covered.

1. Minimalistic Chic

A classy and minimalistic slip dress is one you can’t go wrong with! Complimenting all body types, this dress instantly gives you an elevated outfit without being “too much”, but still looks fabulous. This spring/summer wardrobe essential is perfect for a stay-at-home celebration! Pair it with a delicate necklace and a dainty bracelet or watch, & you’re all set.

2. Boss Babe

This outfit is perfect for the babes that want to make a statement & show the world who’s the boss! A chic oversized two-piece suit with a dainty bralette will give you that sexy, girl boss vibe that we all know we are, especially after such an incredible achievement! Style this with some small chunky hoops, a dainty necklace and lots of rings, and you’re graduation ready.

3. Casual Chic

This last look is one that can easily be created by pieces already in your wardrobe! All you need is a pair of light-wash straight-leg denim or mom jeans, and a clean white top (preferably collared). This white top can be cropped and sleek, or oversized and untucked and it will still give you that stunning casual chic vibe that is the perfect at-home graduation look! Don’t have a white top? Men’s white button-ups will also do the job! Pair it with lots of jewelry and you’re graduation ready!

What do you think of these looks? Will you be wearing any of them to your lockdown graduation this year? Don’t forget to let us know!