KOTN: A Sustainable Canadian Fashion Brand

Written By: Kayla Lazarovic

If you are looking for a Proudly Canadian clothing brand that offers unique, timeless and quality items Kotn is definitely for you! Kotn provides its customers with ethically made fashion pieces and affordable prices. The brand is extremely sustainable which can be hard to come across nowadays with fast fashion on the rise. Kotn has accomplished many achievements since its start in 2015, specifically the brands desire to give back. Kotn has funded 15 schools, supported 107,888 farms, and changed the lives of 107,888 people through fundraising. As a Certified B Corporation, every purchase of a Kotn item supports the lives of their cotton farmers and their families. 

photo: https://retail-insider.com/retail-insider/2022/05/toronto-based-brand-kotn-launches-expansion-with-several-stores-planned-including-1st-vancouver-location-interview/

Since Kotn specializes in elevated and long-lasting basics, the team at Kotn ensures that the key to a successful wardrobe is buying less and enjoying longer. Kotn pieces are built to last and be worn over and over again. This ideology has to do with the materials used in the manufacturing process. To decrease the use of synthetic fibers, the brand zones in on incorporating natural fibers into their textiles. Kotn’s preferred fibers align directly with their sustainability mission with each quality piece made. Some materials used in Kotn clothing include Egyptian cotton, linen as well as ECOTEC Cotton. Additionally, Kotn stores include eighty percent vintage or second-hand furniture.

photo: https://kotn.com/collections/mens-tshirts

There is a general rule in fashion which is called the 70/30 rule. This means that seventy percent of your closet should consist of timeless everyday staple items such as a white button up dress shirt, neutral coloured blazer, and a sturdy pair of your favorite denim jeans. On the other hand, the thirty percent should include “Trendy” pieces which can allow the wearer to explore their own personal style. The reason why this percentage is lower is strategic. It allows the wearer to always be able to put together an outfit, while not participating in every trend and therefore over consuming. Kotn is the perfect clothing brand to obtain timeless pieces like your go to T-shirt or trusty tank and build that seventy percent of your closet. For the quality and material, prices are affordable and pieces will last for a long time as long as they are cared for.

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