Hello, we are back with yet another interesting brand discovery made in Canada. This time it’s all about the perfect ‘Dress pants’ with the brand Kit and Ace. They have a wide variety of assortment but when it comes to pants it’s definitely their number 1.  Also, what better time than now to talk about them right when everyone is gearing up themselves to make a shift from the sweatpants to a formal workwear fit.

And don’t worry this shift will be as smooth as possible because their comfort when it comes to pants is A1. 

Before delving deep into some of the stand out pieces of the brand below is some light about their core values that throws light on what their logo stands for.


The four values Optimism, Learning, Fun and Responsibility lie at the root of the brand. Optimism for the brand is the number 1 core value that keeps them united and fuels the entire company around a meaningful and powerful mission.

Number 2 core value is Fun by which they believe in having a free, fun and lively environment as the brand believes fun and enthusiasm results in the unrestricted flow of creativity. 

Number 3 core value is Learning that the brand believes happens everyday with challenges helping them grow and think in innovative ways which is essential to keep the creative juices flowing.

Lastly, Number 4 core value Responsibility. Through this core value the brand strongly throws light on its belief of the famous saying ‘ We are Only what We Do, Not What We Say We Do’. This core value is exercised by the brand in its adhering to the promises made and being responsive to its people and the planet that keep the business up and running.

All these core values are embedded strongly in the pieces that the brand offers. So without further due scroll through to get a glimpse of some of the finest, formal and tailored trousers.

Starting with the very first and a quintessential of the work-wear wardrobe :-


These trousers are the perfect everyday essentials. According to us, it’s one of the most basic formal trousers that need to be a part of everyone’s office wardrobe. 


These trousers are made from an extra stretchy moisture wicking bikra fabric that makes them super comfy not only for a WFH fit but even a formal, relaxed yet polished fit. 


We won’t lie but we absolutely love a white pair of tailored trousers. This one is made with a lightweight breathable airy fabric and the best part being the elastic band that ensures maximum comfort. 


Checks/Tartans to us always means a business chic formal print. So having a checkered pair of pants/trousers/leggings seems to be a must in the work-wear edition. The highlight of these pants is that they are made of recycled stretch suiting fabric, thus being a sustainable choice.


Another  pair of pants that comes in a pretty cinnamon color too. Made with recycled pointe fabric makes these ones a sustainable as well as stylish choice. 


Although these pants look a bit casual and relaxed they could be a great go to when you don’t feel like wearing those stiff buttoned pants and need something comfy yet a bit tailored and formal looking.

So these are all the style variations we feel make the brand a perfect fit for pants along with a wide array of product assortments that you should definitely check out. 

Which ones from the above list were your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section below. 

For us it was definitely Sublime Leg Wide Trousers, Sublime Pleated Trousers and the Classic Pants Navigator.