Jenny Bird X Bumble

A fun-filled night of gorgeous Jenny Bird jewellery, networking, aura readings, yummy snacks and delicious wine!

On a cold snowy Thursday night in downtown Toronto, we attended the Jenny Bird X Bumble event held at the Jenny Bird showroom. We walked in and were greeted by smiling faces and a lovely table of snacks and wine.

Jenny Bird

We walked further in to find many shelves and glass cases beautifully displayed under pretty lighting. Jenny Bird started her business in 2008 known for her quality but still affordable, modern-looking designs. Her designs are extremely popular and the brand has experienced substantial growth with her bold collections over the past few years. I loved the pieces from the studio collection, the simplistic geometric shapes match with anything for day-to-day wear.

Check her out! @_jennybird  or

Rose Aura

The Aura readings by Rose Aura were fascinating. The results were very accurate in my opinion. Rose Aura was founded back in 2017 by Evelyn Salvarinas. She specializes in aura photography which takes a photo of your aura on film so that you are able to physically see particular aspects of your personality and energy.

Find them at!  


Bumble is an app created to meet other people in terms of dating, business/networking and creating friendships. It is location-based and shows profiles based on what you are looking for in order to communicate with other like-minded individuals.

By: Katie Grohmann