Written By: Haransh Saini

La Leur, a brand with a panache is the heart and soul of two school friends turned into best friends turned into business partners and now turning their dreams to reality! Celeste Bouchard, one of the co-founders works in close association with Kimberly Achim to come up with key pieces that become a part of their collection. 


Both the founders balance responsibilities with each working on their strengths in a particular area and then coming up with joint decisions. So, the creative arena, spreading out the brand voice among the masses is done by Celeste while Kimberly heads the financial and operational side of the brand!


The brand has made sure to keep itself current by making pieces that are sustainable and timeless. Their core values of being mindful, empowering, passionate towards the planet as well as moral integrity is quite evident through their pieces. Another element associated with their timeless pieces is the attention to detail. Celeste and Kimberly live by the mantra ‘All in the details’. For them a golden zip on the side of a pant or a side slit on the skirt can make all the difference. It is this minute detail that adds some jazz to their pieces setting them apart from the usual range of basics.


They cater to sizes XS to XL as their aim is to be as inclusive as possible embracing different body types.  Their product range includes Tops, Bottoms and Accessories.A few top sellers from their collection have been:

  • The Sienna bandeau
  • Mimi Bustier 
  • Sona Skirt 
  • Ella Pants 
  • Juliette Skirt

Both the women take pride in the pieces that end up being a part of their collection because they are always creating pieces that can function round the clock and last many seasons. For trends, an awareness of what’s going on in the fashion market to stay at par with them is their consideration always. However, they make sure to not mix up with the noise and stand out by being true to their minimal and functional aesthetics.

What’s NEXT?

Moving forward they wish to expand their network and get the top 4-5 retailers on their list on board as they believe this could increase their scale of representation in the market.