How To Get The Old Hollywood Look

‘Old Hollywood‘ was an unforgettable era that was from the year 1920 all the way up until 1960. This era was a time known for lots of glamour and glitz in everything you can think of, from your hair to your shoes. It was a time where Audrey Hepburn was representing Givenchy in his early years. Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest symbols of this era with her hourglass figure and her famous films. Her presence in the film industry has influenced entertainment today.  The era was so glamorous that there are still aspects that are seen in our society today. Come with me and revisit the most classic looks of the era!

The Old Hollywood Waves:

In Old Hollywood, the wavy hairstyle was seen everywhere, from red carpets to award shows, everyone styled their hair this way. This history of these waves started in the 19th century where it was styled using hot tongs, which is similar to what we call a curling iron today. This style became increasingly popular because of the way the hair was parted. It is usually dramatically parted on one side covering that side of the face. This style can complement many people and adds an elegance to any look. The Old Hollywood waves are still seen on celebrities today. One of them being Andra Day. She pairs her hair style with sparkling tear drop earrings that accentuate her 1920’s wavy hair style.

Hollywood Makeup:

            The Old Hollywood makeup is like nothing you see today. In the era, you will see pencil thin eyebrows, red lipstick that hides the cupids bow, and blush that was meant to achieve a heart shaped face. Eyebrows were drawn in with a pencil, elongating the eyebrow by extending it past the point where your natural brow ends. The red lipstick was a famous color worn as a part of the classic Old Hollywood look. The way it was applied was to break away from a cupids bow and stayed close to the natural lip line. However, if your lips were very thin, it was common to have them overlined beyond the natural lip line. Today with so many different shades of red lipstick, there are many options to find the shade that works best for you. “Blush on the other hand was a product that contoured the face”. For instance, if you had an oval shaped face, it was common to wear blush on the high points of the cheeks to add width to the face. Of course, we cannot forget mascara. The mascara in the era isn’t applied in the usual way we see it being applied today. In fact, the product was applied from a tray or pot with a specific brush. It was applied in two layers. Isn’t it fascinating how much makeup has evolved?

The Old Hollywood Classic Outfit:      

Oh, the dresses. There are so many fabulous dresses that were seen in the era that have transformed the fashion world. This period was seen prominently of enchanting and classy feminine styles. Luxurious fabrics played a part in women’s fashion to promote a sexy appeal. Silk fabric was seen in robes, revealing dresses and even underwear. The most popular styles were dresses that were cinched at the waist. Whether it be a mermaid or an A- line dress, a small waist was a must in any outfit. These outfits were first showcased from Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor to name a few. These women influenced the confidence and sex appeal in women’s fashion today. These two women in the above picture have completely different cuts and styles, however, the cinched waist remains in both outfits. This showcases how popular a small waist was in that time

      With an era so glamourous it’s hard to not go back to it. From the hair and makeup, to the elegant outfits, it was a time that transitioned the world in what it is today. Many women from this era created a space that allowed women to embrace their sexuality and femininity. It would be interesting to go back in time to live in an unforgettable era!

By: Melania Cammalleri