How Covid-19 changed the Grammys?

The 2021 Grammy Awards was originally postponed from January 31, 2021 to March 14, 2021 due to concerns about the large increase in Covid-19 cases. The event was held at the Staples Center downtown, Los Angeles where the Lakers and Clippers play home games and where artists perform major concerts.

The Grammy had made safety as their number one priority. The guest list was really small with only 24 people, four presenters and a host to accommodate the guidelines. They had provided everyone PPE and constantly replenished guests and workers with masks and hand sanitizers. Security was around to check if everyone was wearing a face mask and following all the Covid-19 restrictions. There was no red carpet outside or at the venue, it was done virtually from next door at Los Angeles Convention Center.

The big red carpet walk was only ambushed by 4 photographers taking pictures from 15 feet away and 5 media outlet interviewers. The interviewers were requested to wear masks or face shields and keep a distance from the artists, who are the only people allowed to be mask-less, just to be interviewed. The cameraman also uses a six-foot boom mic to help keep their distance.

This year host for the show was Trevor Noah and included performances by Cardi B, BTS, Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Dua Lipa.

The nominees and guests were prohibited from eating and drinking, they wore masks and sat at small socially distanced tables inside an open-air tent; which all had designated entrances. Event planners created venue areas for artists with only one-way access; this helps make sure that nobody crosses paths. Harvey Mason Jr. (president/CEO and the executive producer of the Grammy) said “This Grammys was one of the most expensive from spacing out the venue to Covid-19 protocol costing a few million in expenses.

The event crew was tested for covid every two days for two straight weeks while setting up the venue. In order to meet covid restriction guidelines the event planners worked with covid experts in order to create a safe functional environment. Four interchanging stages were incorporated to accommodate the strategically placed audience. Each section had its own stage with screens displaying the others, this helped the artists and audience stay far from one another while still enjoying the experience with live music

The Grammy’s had many obstacles to deal with in order to keep everyone safe while creating a beautiful enjoyable experience. It was important to give artists the appreciation they deserve. The event crew chose a practical ambiance that was functional and should be setting the standard in public events; in order to see more celebrations.

Written by: Hafsa Farhan