Hot girl summer essentials

Summer of 2022 has finally arrived and new beauty trends are popping up all across social media. New hair colours, clean girl makeup, bringing back 90’s blowouts, and french tip nails are all the rave this summer. COVID restrictions have lifted and it’s time to enjoy some time in the sun so take a look at these trends to spice up your look for a true hot girl summer.

90’s Blowouts

Fashion from the 90’s has been on the scene for a while but now hairstyles from the 90’s are also coming back. The signature 90’s blowout is all about volume, body and shine. Whilst the 2000’s was all about sleek straight hair, people want more of a fuller bouncy look to their hair. For those who have thinner hair and want to create a thick and voluminous look this blowout style is also perfect. The key to creating the perfect blowout is maintaining texture at your roots. This is why a blowdryer is used as opposed to a straightener, the goal is to veer away from the bone straight look. Some people use a round brush, while some go old school with a bunch of velcro rollers. Either way using these will help form your curled and bumped ends in your blowout. 

Clean Girl Makeup 

The Clean Girl Aesthetic Makeup trend has been all over TikTok and is a great go to look for the summer. This look is also known as the “no makeup-makeup look”. It is a effortless, minimalistic and glowy makeup look that is perfect for a hot day when you don’t want to have on too much product. This look has a heavy focus on letting your natural hair shine through with a bronzy finish. No more heavy contouring and multiple layers of hydration to accomplish the natural glow. This makeup look is also usually done with the signature Bella Hadid bun or any other slick back bun to show off your skin and a glossy lip.

Skunk Stripe hair 

If you want to add a bit of colour to your hair but don’t want to commit to a full dye, a skunk stripe is the way to go. This is another style being brought back from the 90’s and 2000’s. The style is as the name says, simple black hair with a pop of colour that resembles a skunk stripe. Some people also prefer the variation of the skunk stripe at the nape of the neck. Many celebrities have been seen rocking this style like Sza, Nicki Minaj, and Keisha Cole. 

French Tip Nails 

The classic french manicure has always been a go to for nail designs but this year it has become increasingly popular. People are getting french tips in various designs with different colours and patterns. French tips look great with all shapes of nails, square, almond, coffin and even stiletto. You can also change up the way you do your french tips such as making the tips slanted or curved with a few wavy patterns. You can also change up the colour by doing a metallic french tip. 

Statement Blush 

Rosey flushed cheeks have become a staple in makeup looks across social media. The blush graced across the cheeks and extended to your nose and upper temples gives your face a fresh and lifted look. It also adds colour to your face without having to wear eyeshadow or a bold lip. People have been gravitating to cream blush a lot more because this specific type of blush gives you a more smooth and skin like finish.