H and M’s latest spring collection can’t be missed!

Have you checked out H and M’s latest Spring Collection? If not, hurry up! It’s not your usual oozing with flowers, pink or pastel pieces but describes what would be perfect for a beach, luxe-resort holiday. The colors are all subtle and smooth with the brightest pop being a vibrant orange. The repeated use of crochet sets the perfect tone and the intricate lace detailing adds that luxurious feel to the pieces. Also, a combination of lace and satin is one we have always adored and you will find loads of it in this collection.

Enough of telling you about it! Keep scrolling through to get the visual sight of the beachy getaway we are talking about.

Vacay Ready beach bag 

We had to start with a beautiful and delicate crochet bag. Reminds us all about the calm beach waves and sand slipping through as it’s kept on it. The picture is so clear in our heads and we hope you can relate to our virtual holiday too.

Resort Crochet Skirt

Ah, the detailing of this skirt looks so opulent isn’t it? The skirt itself is such a star piece that it will stand out from far off!

A Lace Affair 

This is definitely one of our most favorite pieces from the collection. The sleeves are so delicate and make this top a perfect classic for a day to night event!

Romance Redefined

Finally coming to some young summer color. A minute detail here and there makes a lot of difference like the lace finishing on this dress at the ends and near the neck. That is why we say it’s all in the details.

A Love for Neutrals Set- Crochet Pants and Peasant Blouse 

Neutrals is the safest option even for a holiday and this entire set is one outfit we would love to wear as it is!!

Flowy & Breezy for the Win!

How is a vacation complete without a flowy number right? This feels so light, and pretty and checks all the boxes to be that holiday season dress you wouldn’t wanna miss. 

Dreamy Detailed Skirt

Seeing this at first we felt this was a date night number but seeing how effortlessly it has been styled here it checks the boxes for a day look too. 

So here are our top few picks from H and M that we can’t  wait to try on. Which ones are your favourite? Do let us know in the comments section below.