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Written By: Haransh Saini

Do you have two moods like us? 

Where on one hand you really want to be all professional and suited up but on the other hand, also have days of looking straight out of the couch, oversized and comfy. 

 If YES, we have the perfect brand for you!!

Ready for the reveal? It’s GIRL CRUSH GANG, founded by Cindy Cournoyer. Well, we would say it’s the perfect reflection of her sense of style and ours too. From oversized sweatsuit sets to going all the way up in a cropped blazer suit that’s well-tailored, they have it all. 

We are especially drawn to brands who let you be who you truly are and allow one to express it through their clothes because what’s better than that! How cool would it sound if you heard someone say – “I am wearing my mood today!” What makes the brand stand out even more are the fun names they have given to their collection like luxe loungewear, sporty edit, or work attire. 

Below, we will be sharing a few key sets and pieces from different collections that we absolutely love and cannot wait to try! 

Work in Style

A crisp, clean, and structured trouser and cropped blazer set. One word for this – Obsessed! 

We are really drooling over the burnt orange color too.

Sit Back and Relax

A laid back and straight up from the streets joggers and crewneck set. This is going to be our “lazing around on the couch with a bowl of popcorn” uniform! We also like how they have taken a break from the usual beige and introduced this lively teal.

All Things Sporty

An uber cool cropped sporty muscle top, sports bra and shorts  set. And if you know us, you know that we are always up for all things sporty. This also gives us some major Hailey Bieber vibes whose style we absolutely adore! 

Sweater Vests 

And OfCourse they have the sweater vests which are trending like crazy everywhere!! Best part, it is recycled and is available in an array of interesting colours.

To have a look at some more interesting pieces, do check out their website.

And, also let us know your favourite set from the above mentioned. For us, we are honestly loving all of them.