Mothers day

Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day 2021

Written by: Jade Florendo

Mother’s Day is an annual reminder to celebrate and appreciate motherhood. This is a celebration for your mom, grandma, aunt, mother -in-law, and new moms or mother figures that you have in your life. Despite the lockdown, there are still many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day together, by getting a little more creative.

1. Cook or Bake together

What better way to create an everlasting memory than making and preparing a meal together. While cooking you’re able to work together, share cooking tips, or maybe even strike a deep conversation with your mother. It’s a fun activity that will help you stay connected with each other.

2. Order Food

If you’re not a fan of cooking, you can treat her by ordering her favorite foods. She will surely love it!

3. Crafting

Craft, or learn new crafting skills with your mother. Think about crafts that you or your mother have always wanted to try, like knitting, painting – spend the day together by making and building on your crafting skills.

4. Watch a Movie or a TV show

Curl up and grab some snacks while binge-watching movies or TV shows. Visit old favorites, watch some classics, or explore new genres – a great way to spend family time.

5. Give her a manicure

You can gift her a manicure set or even better, give her a manicure. It’s a great way to show your creativity and show appreciation.

6. Virtual Party

For those who don’t live at home, planning a virtual party for Mother’s Day is an alternative. Have a virtual meal, play an interactive virtual game, or just chat with your mom. It may not be ideal to spend Mother’s Day apart from each other, but at least you can stay connected and keep up with each other’s lives.

Mother’s Day celebrations don’t have to be restricted with spending your day outside, you can also have activities at home, it’s just a matter of creativity!

How will you spend your Mother’s Day? Let us know below.