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It’s no secret that social-distancing has put a pause on our beauty routines. Roots and brows are grown out, and lashes and nails need to be filled. I don’t know about you, but even if the city opens up soon I will still be skeptical about going to certain places that can potentially end up crowded. That’s where the Nail & Champagne Bar (TNCB) come into play! We got a chance to speak to Humber Alumni and owner of TNCB, Eliza Sipin and she gave us tea on her booming business.

TNCB offers mobile beauty services with a side of champagne tasting to complete the perfect experience for you and your fabulous loved ones, and is especially perfect to help us continue social-distancing even after that rule has been lifted.

We asked Eliza a few questions from how she got started with her business to how she’s managing through this tough time. She also shared a few words of advice for fellow small-business owners. 

*READER’S TIP* Keep reading for a treat! 😉

How did you get started with the brand? 

The Nail and Champagne Bar (TNCB) started because I wanted to create a company that provides a unique and luxurious experience. Elevating a familiar service such as a manicure but having it in the comfort of your home or hotel with the option of adding a champagne tasting experience by a Sommelier. 

Since we’ve opened in 2016, we have been the only company in Toronto that provides mobile beauty and champagne services. We first started with pop ups offering manicures with an on-site mini champagne bar. During this time, our clients showed so much interest in our mobile offerings for themselves and private parties. Now we have a team of 16 beauty professionals offering a variety of beauty services, 1 yoga instructor and 1 Sommelier – all providing mobile services in the GTA and beyond. 

What was the inspiration behind it? 

The main inspiration is my longtime passion for nails and champagne and how I can create a brand that merges the 2. I have a background in beauty and hospitality, and it was a natural progression. Other inspiration came from nail bars in London and mobile nail services in Manila.

What services do you offer? 

The Nail and Champagne Bar offers manicures, pedicures, makeup, hair styling, eyelash services, brow shaping, yoga and champagne tastings. We work with event planners, marketing companies and concierges. A client can book our team for one-on-one services (mani & pedi for 1), small group parties, large corporate events or brand activations. Our previous clients include Saks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew, GUESS?, Puma, Reebok, Beefeater and UGGS to name a few. 

How can our readers book an appointment with you? 

To book an appointment please email us at cheers@tncb.ca 

How has the Covid-19 pandemic impacted your business? 

As a non-essential business, COVID-19 has affected us tremendously. We temporarily closed on March 16th, 1 week before the government mandated non-essential business closures. As of today, all our bookings have been cancelled until July. Summer is one of our busiest seasons, it’s in the middle of the bridal season and also peak business times for brand activations. That being said, our team has been focused on keeping in touch with our clients. We have been busy creating at home beauty tutorials such as “How to Remove Your Gel Nail Polish” and “How to Shape Your Eyebrows” which are all posted on our Instagram. We never created tutorials before COVID-19 but we listened to our clients and followers requests to enable them to do DIY beauty since we’re unable to help them in person. In doing so, we have attracted potential new clients and our existing clients are very appreciative. 

What is one main piece of advice you’d like to give other small business owners to help them stay on track during these trying times? 

My advice to other small business owners is to learn from the challenges we’re all faced with. As we adapt to this new norm, it encourages us entrepreneurs to be creative and think of our business in special ways we never did before.  

If you’ve made it this far into our interview with Eliza, you won’t be disappointed. She and the TNCB team have generously offered YOU a $20 gift certificate that applies to any of their services! You can activate this credit by booking an appointment with them at cheers@tncb.ca and mention “INFUSE HUMBER” upon booking and when you meet them for your appointment, it’ll be applied! This offer expires in December 2020, so you’ve got some time but my advice is: DON’T SLEEP ON BOOKING AN APPOINTMENT!

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