Written by: Gaurika Gupta

This year people were finally able to meet and see the collection in person after a year of virtual fashion shows. They were able to see the shapes, volumes, textures, fittings and many more features. The designers who were selected for the LVMH prize at New York Fashion Week will bring their collection to Paris Fashion Week. All the designers picked for the final round have a style, aesthetic and mood of their own and will be judged by 70 experts. 

Below are some of the artists short-listed for Paris Fashion week:

LA-based Drew Curry has his own label AIRIE’S is a menswear brand that believes in sustainability. Curry said in an interview that the name Airie is a Greek word which means to cut away but at the same time – also to lift up. Which he says is literally his intention with his brand. His clothes are put together by hand to “display a touched glaze”. Curry also said all his pieces are curated to send a message out “that everyone has scars, healing and past – things which makes us human beings” 

AMESH is a Sri-Lanka-based brand, which is the first one that got selected for LVMH. Designer Amesh Wijesekera has worked closely with artists and artisans in hand-looming arts, weaving, knitting and hand printing. His work portrays contemporary beauty and he also tries to incorporate gender representation. 

South Korean-born Ashlynn Park cooked up her own not so eponymic brand ASHLYN during the pandemic when she was locked away in New Jersey, her home city. Her inspiration for her clothes was sculptural dressmaking. Her work portrays the contours of the female body in a considered celebration. 

Eli Russell Linnetz launched his own brand ERL from his home city California. He created ERL in 2020, his patchwork is evocative. He describes his clothes as super vibey, which tells lots of stories and to add a more personal touch he shoots lookbooks himself. ASAP Rocky wore Russell’s epic quilt at last years’ Met Gala.

Meryll Rogge is known for her technical perfection and it is no surprise that she got featured and picked for LVMH this year. Before working independently, Meryll worked at Marc Jacobs for over seven years. Meryll said in an interview that “we are a womenswear brand but they also sell clothes to men, they don’t distinguish between men and women. 

Her Instagram: 

Steven Stokey-Daley is known for applying fashion as the medical treatment for English disease: Class. Steven moved to the South of London to study which was one of the so-called great public schools. His clothes are just an expression of exploiting the rich and adding a queer twist to them. 

These were some of the designers we loved and who got selected for Paris Fashion week. Let us know which designer you liked the most from this years’ NYFW.