Combining sustainability, Art and Fashion: The R3 Ultra Zero Waste Shoe

Written By: Allie Donovan


The Ultra Zero waste sneaker

The ultra zero waste sneaker is minimalistic in the most maximized sustainable, ecological, fashionable way. The R3 Concept is a Canadian sustainable footwear brand founded in Montreal by entrepreneur Étienne Pré in 2021. This eco-friendly shoe is made from sugar cane, organic cotton, recycled rubber, 100% recycled plastic bottles transformed into laces and is manufactured in Spain.

From plastics to foods, retailing between $140-$200, inventory includes many color ways, footwear and socks for men and women… R3 concept is waiting for you too. 


What is the R3 Concept?

True to its name; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The mission to construct sustainable footwear options to develop minimal harm to both humanity and our home we call planet earth. 

Now we’ve heard these terms reduce, reuse and recycle many times in our lives and have made a conscious effort to leave a positive footprint. And now we literally can, everywhere we go, one step at a time. 

Sustainability and Zero Waste

R3 concept is committed to ethics, traceability-designing, transparency, sourcing and manufacturing high quality and value sneakers in a responsible fashion. Using more eco friendly textiles and materials that curate and support the harmony of style, functionality and sustainability. “It should be mentioned that we have perfected our aesthetic of unique concepts, materials, and color combinations into an extraordinary minimalist label.” (E. Pré. 2022)

R3 specifically manufactures in Spain due to it being a smaller factory and working very closely within a direct collaboration with their suppliers and manufactures of whom meet the global recycle standard certification. 

When Etienne Pre says that the R3 concept is committed to his mission in sustainable and zero waste, minimalist label fashion, he wasn’t lying. The shoes and products are all crafted from recycled contents, reused materials which reduces waste and manufactured in a certified sustainable factory. 

If you’re a sneaker head, love fashion and innovative creations. It is time to start thinking about where your clothing is coming from and understanding the negative impacts stemming from irresponsible productions in the fashion industry. The R3 concept is for anyone and everyone, especially those who believe sustainability and art can coincide. 

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