Chic Dresses for Fall 2021

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Written By: Jade Florendo

Fall has finally arrived! As the weather changes from summer to winter, sometimes temperatures may fluctuate from midday heat to cool evenings. This makes it hard to choose an outfit appropriate for the weather. An outfit that can keep you cozy and cool at the same time, is the ideal choice. So you’re in luck, because we picked 5 top fall dresses that keep you comfortable and stylish, so that you don’t have to resort to just wearing sweatpants or sweaters for fall.

Ribbed Cardigan Dress

A ribbed cardigan dress has always been a classic for fall/winter. This classic can be paired up with almost any item from your wardrobe. You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with comfy sneakers depending on how you feel. And accessories like belts and bags are usually the perfect combo with the ribbed cardigan dress.

Polo Sweater Mini Dress

While polo dresses have always been around, it hasn’t reached popularity among young people until now, thanks to Tiktok. Polo dresses were all the rage on Tiktok this summer, so it’s no surprise that it’s sticking around for the fall season. Young people absolutely love this trend, because it’s comfortable and stylish. So don’t be surprised if you see this all over your social media feed.

Cottage Core Dress

A cottage core dress is also popularized by fashion enthusiasts on tiktok and instagram. It was all the rage for a whole season and almost every avid fashionista had it or wanted to have it. So similar to the polo dresses, it’s going to stick around for another season.

Muted Florals

Floral dresses also surged in popularity this summer. While summer floral dresses had dainty vivid colours, this fall, muted florals are in. So if you’re into the dressy, romantic aesthetic, this dress is the one for you!

Turtle Neck Dress

The Turtleneck is a long time fashion classic. It’s elegant, chic and comfy. This item complements almost every body shape and skin tone. Choose a classic white or black turtleneck dress as these colours can be easily paired with other items from your wardrobe.

What we love most about these dresses is that they are perfect to wear with layers of coats or jackets. So if you do find these on your next shopping spree, get your hands on them without thinking twice.

Let us know your favourite picks in the comments below.