Changing The World One Design At A Time

Now more than ever, the practices used in the fashion industry are getting more visibility, and with this, we are faced with some dilemmas when buying clothes: to follow the trend or not follow them? Fast or slow fashion? Second-hand clothes? What sustainable brands are there? Here’s a quick answer for all of those questions, Fyo͞ocher.

Fyo͞ocher is a Vancouver based brand that looks to redefining who fashion is for, how we consume it and the way we see ourselves. The brand covers sizes 24 to 42 and every piece is tried on around five different body types before going into the market to make sure they will fit everybody.

Jamie Dawes, the founder and designer of Fyo͞ocher, uses upcycled or deadstock materials for the confection of the garments. In their mission to reduce textile waste and help our planet, Dawes’ designs are made with fabrics that come from thrift stores, local businesses that donate unconventional material, overproduced fabrics, and scraps from local manufacturers. This makes for beautiful and “almost one of a kind” statement pieces because every garment is made from what they have at hand. 

Fyo͞ocher was born from the desire of its founder to create her own company and design inspired by her love for pants with crazy patterns and colors.

Jamie creates timeless collections immune to the passage of fashions so present in fast-fashion. For her, design and purpose go hand in hand, and she makes this vision clear in each of her pieces.

Dawes says the brand gives people an opportunity to have their clothes tell an important message, being silent activists projecting their true values. The idea is that, when someone puts on their top or pants, they’ll know they are taking one step further into changing the world by getting rid of the pollution created by the fashion industry.