As you may have seen on social media, minimalist jewelry has become part of the jewelry boxes of all those people who enjoy accessories. These have become a trend because they give a sophisticated and elegant touch and allow you to play with them by mixing and stacking them.

Delicate rings, chains with small links and, above all, earrings with stones of different colors, shapes and designs, are some of the most identifiable trends in this type of jewelry.

And because we seek to keep you fashionable but also support local businesses, here is a list of some Canadian jewelry stores where you can get these pieces.

  1. Linjer

Linjer is a brand that keeps sustainability in mind when creating their jewelry, their solid gold and silver pieces are made with 100 per cent recycled gold and silver. This brand has great quality pieces at a very affordable price range, all of this makes for an amazing everyday jewelry option for you. 

  1. Leah Alexandra

If you believe in the energy and properties of gemstones, we recommend Leah Alexandra. This brand is also perfect if you like to stack and combine different pieces of jewelry because of its versatile and timeless design. 

  1. Poppy Finch

If you want a brand that is environmentally conscious, Poppy Finch is the one for you. The brand takes pride in sourcing recycled gold and ethical gemstones as well as creating beautiful, luxurious jewelry without compromising the environment. 

  1. Bluboho

Bluboho is a brand and store where you can find something for every taste, that makes it perfect as a special gift for someone or for yourself. The brand was born from the desire of being able to carry something that reminds you of your most special memories.

  1. Noah Noah Noah

More than a brand, Noah Noah Noah is a shop owned by Noah Lehava. Noah’s job is to find unique pieces of mostly vintage jewelry to sell. If you buy from her shop your jewelry will certainly catch the attention for being one of a kind. 

  1. Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains is a Ottawa based small jewelry shop that incorporates messages of inspiration in their pieces with the hope of empowering the people who wear them. Moving Mountains donates a part of every piece they sell to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada for research purposes.