Beauty trends you must try this 2022

As 2022 began everyone was keen to see what was next in the makeup industry, but with uncertainties caused by the pandemic, the hair and nail industry is still going to dominate this year. Nevertheless, we will still see some trends like the 20’s glitz and glamour from the previous year. This time again, people will go heavy on their skincare, haircare and getting perfect nail work done. 

Below are some of the trends that you will come across on your Instagram feed soon. 


After all this time spent at home, people are now going to give their all when they go out. They will pick anything shiny and glittery, particularly their eyeshadow. The glittery lid look can be achieved either by using one shimmery shade all across the lid or you can even experiment with different liners or add more shades of glitter. 


Winged eyeliner will never go out of fashion, it’s just like a classic red lip. But we have noticed that over the past few years people have started giving winged eyeliner a variation with the use of bright colors or fox eye. In 2022, we’ll particularly see a rise in dramatic eyeliners to be specific. There will be a rise in wings that go past the eye or wrap around through the crease just like in the 60’s. 



     The most common and ongoing hair trend has to be slicked-back hair. This year we’ll see more buns, braids and pony-tails in this slick back form. Just make sure you have the right hair gel or hair spray.


This year makeup looks won’t be matte and dewy but instead soft and smooth. People would have to get that satin look which looks like natural skin with just a hint of moisturizer. 


Nails are the highlight of the beauty industry (even Harry Styles and Conan Gray are in the team) and the hype will continue throughout 2022. This year Pinterest predicts that there will be a spike in more earthy patterns like ocean patterns or geode, as well as pearls and gems. People will also try out more at-home options this year. 

Let us know if you liked reading about the upcoming trends, and if you’ll try any of these trends this year.