Beauty and Skin care: Finding your face shape

Determining the shape of our face can help us to find hair and makeup styles that best suit our face shape!

How to determine your face shape

Take some time to tie your hair back making sure to not have any hair covering your face or forehead. Take a photo of yourself or stand in front of a mirror, looking straight forward.

Next you will be measuring:

  • Forehead width
  • Face length
  • Cheekbone length
  • Jawline width

Alternatives to determining your face shape:

Look out for characteristics in your face – for example, is your jaw round or sharp? Are your angels sharp or less pronounced?

The 6 common face shapes!

Round face shape:

Round face shapes have a rounded and softer forehead and jawline, you may also notice that your hairline is rather rounded too. The width of your face is similar to the length, and your cheekbones are less prominent and softer.

If this is you, you match Ginnifer Goodwin!

Oval face shape:

Oval face shapes typically have a longer forehead, with it also being smaller than your cheekbones. Like the round face, oval faces have gentle jawlines, and round hairlines. Your cheekbones have the most width on your face, and the length of your face is longer than the width.

If this is you, you match Rihanna!

Heart face shape:

Heart shaped faces have a forehead that is wider than the jawline, with the hairline having a little dip in the centre (just like a heart). Heart shaped faces also have cheekbones the same width as their foreheads. Your chin also comes to a point and your face is longer than it is wide.

If this is you, you match Eva Longoria!

Diamond face shape:

Diamond face shapes typically have a smaller forehead and jawline width when compared to your cheekbones, hence the term “diamond”.  You may also notice that your chin comes to more of a point and is sharper, with the length of your face being like your width.

If this is you, you match Meghan Fox!

Square face shape:

Square face shapes have a straight hairline, and wide set jawline, with both your forehead and jaw being essentially the same shape. Square faces have minimal protrusions when it comes to your cheekbones, and the width and length of your face are similar in size.

If this is you, you match Demi Lovato!

Rectangular face shape:

Rectangular face shapes are similar to the square face shapes but with a longer face length. Your jawline is more wide set, following the same width through your cheekbones and forehead. Your forehead is on the longer side, with a straight hairline.

If this is you, you match Lucy Liu!

Multiple shapes!

It’s normal to not fit into one of the above face shape categories, or to even have the top half of your face be one shape, and the bottom half be the other!

At the end of the day, every face shape is beautiful with its own unique features! Also keep in mind that these are meant to serve as rough guidelines for how to determine what hair and makeup might best suit you, but at the end of the day wear whatever you love most- and be yourself!

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Written by: Kylie Lenartowicz