Awakening- To new beginnings

Recently, Humber College put on its own fashion show at the Barrett Center For Technology Innovation. The show had a theme, Awakening, which was a metaphor for spring coming to life and our lives getting back to where we left them before the pandemic. In addition to promoting sustainable fashion, the event took place on Earth Day, 22nd April 2022, with the team also collaborating with the college’s magazine. 

The show featured local designer Clayson Fletcher (a Humber graduate) and Madalin Warner, Upness Polleo (an accessory designer), Lemonwood. Another unique designer was Loophole Studios, which utilizes a zero-waste approach and practices slow fashion by crocheting by hand. 

We enjoyed witnessing the Fashion Arts and Business students’ outfits conveying their message of flowers blossoming, and spring coming into being and everyone was thrilled to be there. We started with a live performance by Dani Doucette, followed by the show.

Some of the outfits seen on the runaway were:

And our lovely guest singer- Dani Doucette (IG- @dani._doucette)