Andrea Lyamah: “The Queen of Luxury Resort Wear” 

Brands that are formed with ethnic cultures as their key core and being true to their roots have a very strong unique and personal identity attached to themselves. In a nutshell such brands speak their authentic self for themselves. One such brand that we came across recently is Andrea Lyamah  named after the founder herself,  a Nigerian Fashion Designer and we can’t take our eyes off it. Founded in 2011, the brand comes up with exclusive resort and one of a kind Spring-Summer clothing year after year that is heavily inspired by Andrea’s African roots. Each of her design elements celebrate her hometown’s culture. The defining features of every collection of this label is the exclusive tailoring and use of rich fabrics which are mainly signature jewel tones inspired by the rich colors of nature.

A bit about The Creative Head – ‘Andrea Lyamah’

Andrea was born in 1993 with a passion for Fashion and Arts. Having the flare to do something in the fashion field she mastered the advanced tailoring skills at an early age. All this was her moving closer to creating her brand. Driven and Determined to build an African-owned brand that was bold, luxurious, and internationally approachable she tried balancing her full-time degree at the University and alongside working on her brand which in today’s time is applauded worldwide and worn by some of the top celebrities in the industry.

Key inspirations behind the brand 

The heart and soul of the brand are inspired by bold and bright colors, nature, and her trips abroad. The silhouettes are inclined towards being retro classic and romantic. It also has a touch of modern femininity and a contemporary edge associated with it. 

Core Values 

The core values of the brand lie in celebrating the rich African heritage and culture by sticking to its true roots and having worldwide accessibility. Keeping all this in mind, the founder has been making sure since the very first collection that launched in 2013 to inculcate all those values along with using premium fabrics and refined tailoring. 

Who is the A.I. Woman? 

According to Andrea, the true A.I. woman is someone who is an adventurer in the mind, in her spirit and of course her style.


Andrea Lyamah has gained recognition time and again for its contribution to fashion and has been featured in some of the top-notch magazines like Forbes, Vogue, HuffPost, and more.

A Dive into the Collection

The brand launches SS collections every year with a few resort/ holiday collections that are featured in their lookbooks. The pieces are also listed collection wise with each of them having its inspiration taken from nature, heritage and tropical adventurous surroundings.  

In today’s time, being able to build a brand that has a strong voice in such an oversaturated industry is tough and getting lost in the chaos or being vulnerable is becoming easier. But it is brands like Andrea Lyamah who, being genuine and sticking to what they believe in, stand apart in today’s chaos.