ALDO Toronto Fashion

Written By: Jade Florendo

While avid shoppers have probably heard of a fashion retailer called ALDO, most are probably not aware that it is a Canadian retailer.

Aldo had its start as a footwear concession within Le Chateau. It was founded in 1972 by ALDO Bensadoun. The first ALDO store was opened in Montreal in the year 1978, and from then on it has expanded to several countries and continents.

ALDO is known for its elegant and classic styles of footwear, that are affordable in comparison with luxury footwear brands. It’s perfect for those fashionistas who seek for classic and popular styles of shoes that won’t break the bank after a purchase. The items are premium quality and have an expensive and luxurious appeal.

ALDO also proudly presents itself as the first fashion footwear and accessories company to be certified climate neutral in 2018. It has reduced 46% of their greenhouse emissions by several initiatives such as using LED technology and implementing Energy Management Systems in their stores and offices. The company has also taken extra steps to help the environment such as investing in solar, wind and hydropower projects in regions where they operate.