90’s Fashion in 2022: 90’s trends that have made a comeback 

Fashion trends from the past tend to make their way back around and resonate with young people of newer generations. Flare pants from the 70s, corset tops from as far back as the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and colourful windbreakers from the 80s. These are all fashion pieces that have regained popularity and are now staple pieces in the closets of men and women worldwide. 90’s fashion has gained its influence from pop culture, the hip-hop scene, and iconic runway models. Staple pieces from the ’90s can be styled in many different ways from baggy streetwear to preppy matching sets as seen in Clueless. All the things you loved about the ’90s like crop tops and bucket hats to the acid wash jeans we all wished stayed in that era have resurfaced and are more stylish now than ever, If you love nostalgia these pieces are perfect to add to your wardrobe and bring the 90’s back to 2022. 

  1. Cropped Cardigans 

Cropped cardigans are cute and cozy pieces that can be styled for both casual and formal events. Whether you want to pair it with some classic denim or a simple skirt these cardigans are minimalistic and easy to style.

  1. Overalls 

Vintage Denim has made a huge comeback and overalls are a major statement piece of the ’90s worn by both men and women. Paired with oversized flannel or crewneck overalls are comfy and add a bit of streetwear aesthetic to your style.

  1. Biker Shorts 

Biker Shorts are originally athletic wear but the ’90s brought them back as casual and loungewear. The legendary Princess Diana has been photographed multiple times roaming around London in a pair of biker shorts and a graphic crew in the early 90s. These shorts can also be dressed up and worn with a strappy heel and oversized blazer. 

  1. Bucket Hats 

Bucket Hats are hit or miss for the people of this decade and not everyone loves this comeback. However, bucket hats are a great way to complete a 90’s inspired outfit. Take your pick of leather fur or camouflage, these hats come in different styles and materials to add some spice to your fit. 

  1. Platform heels 

Platform Heels are eye-catching and truly add a wow factor to your outfit. The Spice Girls were known for rocking these heels with their eccentric outfits and spunky hair. Other forms of platform shoes have also made their way back on the scene such as Platform Converse and platform flip-flops. Many of us remember Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Hillary Duff wearing platform flip-flops with a pair of low-rise jeans. 

  1. Slip Dress

The Slip Dress is a classy and simple piece that is definitely needed in your closet. This piece made its way to the red carpet by celebrities like Kate Moss and is super elegant. 

  1. Matching Plaid Sets

I’m sure we all remember the iconic plaid skirt set worn by Alicia Silverstone in Clueless. This chic preppy look has been remade by multiple brands and emphasizes the more feminine and girly side of 90’s fashion. 

  1. Cargo Pants 

Cargo Pants are a staple in the 90’s streetwear aesthetic and have been worn in various ways. Cargos with cinched bottoms or straight leg carpenter style pants have been rocked with heels, sneakers or a pair of Doc Marten’s. Cargo pants have been seen styled with solid turtlenecks, sheer tops, oversized tees and hoodies. 

  1. Velour Tracksuits 

Athleisure and loungewear have become very popular and many brands are making apparel that fit into this style of clothing. Tracksuits fit perfectly into this. During the 90’s Adidas tracksuits became very popular and were known to be worn by the rap group RUN DMC. Other hip hop icons like Diddy also made way with brands like Sean John that created velour tracksuits for men and women. And who could forget the infamous Juicy Couture tracksuits that never get old! 

  1. Hair accessories 

The 90’s was big on hair accessories, headbands, clips, barettes and more. Thick headbands both sporty and chic as well as zigzag headbands were all popular. Recently the zigzag headband has made a comeback after being seen worn by Alexa Demi who play Maddie on Euphoria. Claw Clips are also a popular hair accessory that has made its way onto the scene and has been featured in the clean girl aesthetic.