To shave or not to shave, that is the question. Despite the fact that body hair has begun to be much more socially accepted, there are those who prefer to live without it, especially in the Summer.

Since long-lasting hair removal can be expensive and sometimes painful, and shaving only offers short-term results, the solution lies with hair removing creams.

How do hair removal creams work?

Hair removal creams contain alkaline chemicals that are safe for almost all skin types. These chemicals break down the keratin structure of the hairs, and that breakdown effectively thins the hairs, dissolving the base of the hair to weaken them and break them when the cream is removed from the legs with a spatula or sponge.

Here’s a list of the top seven hair removal creams to get your skin beautiful and smooth just in time to try on your summer outfits. Keep in mind we all have different types of sensitivity in our skin, so it is ideal that you know what yours is so that you get the right cream for you.

  1. Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

This depilatory cream is super convenient for when you don’t have much time to shower and get ready as it is specially designed to work while you shower and works after three minutes so you can carry out your bathing routine and at the end of it just rub your skin with the sponge to remove the cream and hair. 

  1. Nair Hair Remover Glides Away Nourish with Argan Oil

The design of this Nair Hair Remover is perfect for the underarm and bikini area as it saves us the mess of other creams with different applicators. Its formula is enriched with argan oil which helps with the hydration of the area.

  1. Nad’s Natural 3-In-1 Body Butter Hair Removal Cream

This Nad’s product is a hypoallergenic cream with a formula made with 80 per cent natural ingredients, including almond oil and shea butter, which ensures a smooth and silky finish. Important to mention, this is a cruelty free hair removal cream

  1. Nair Bladeless Shave Whipped Creme with 30 mg CBD

The Nair Bladeless Shave Whipped creme is amazing for people with sensitive skin due to the dose of CBD which acts as a soothing and calming agent for the skin. 

  1. Neomen Hair Removal Cream

This is a great product for people who have thicker hair. While its components will help you to have smooth and hair-free skin, it is important to mention that it is necessary to be aware of time since it can burn if left for too long.

  1. Sally Hansen Creme Hair Remover Duo Kit

This depilatory cream is specifically for the face but its convenient size makes it perfect and indiscreet for travel. One of the many benefits of the formula of this cream is that it contains pumpkin seed oil, which helps brighten skin tone.

  1. Nair Brighten & Smooth Leg Mask

This product is a hair removal mask for legs, with clay and charcoal. This Nair mask will not only help you minimize hair growth but will also exfoliate your skin in the process.