6 Brands that need to be on your radar for your winter shopping spree

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Written By: Haransh Saini

Once the cooler months start hitting in, we’re all just covering up ourselves as much as possible. In countries like Canada, where it gets chillier as days pass by, you need some solid pieces that would be a savior when the chilly breeze comes your way. While we have started stocking up our closets with winter essentials, we’re here to share some of our go to brands that could help you too! 

We promise these brands have pieces that will stand strong in the breeze & won’t let you freeze. 

Starting with our most basic pieces:


If you are hunting for affordable brands that will not compromise on quality, then this brand is your best bet. They have super cosy & comfortable pieces ranging from inner wear, base layers to coats & jackets. We especially recommend this brand for inner wear and also do check out the heat tech section.


Another brand that we can vouch for is Eddie Bauer. Known for being the pioneers in product innovation for outdoor adventures, their collection is sturdy and strong. Their pieces also make sure to keep you warm as if you were wrapped in a blanket! So do not miss them.


North face is a brand that has passed through the chilliest and the most unforgiving winter breeze. It has pieces from beanies, jackets to vests that can protect you from rain, snow, and wind.


To us, Patagonia has always been synonymous with sustainability and working towards bettering the earth. What we absolutely love about them is their sheer level of transparency. Not only do they vouch for the pieces that they create, but they also let you know the entire process of how their pieces are made.


A brand that is strong, sturdy, comfortable and offers a whole gamut of winter wear pieces at an affordable price. Do check out their list of best sellers.


Everlane feels more like a fashion forward brand than the sturdy and strong ones that we mentioned above. If you are looking for a few trend savvy pieces like those style statement sweaters or chunky cardigans, then this is your best place to be at it!

So, these are the 6 brands that can definitely help you sail through the winter season comfortably and keep you warm enough!

Have you tried any of these yet? Do let us know in the comment section below.