5 Natural Hair Products by Canadian Black Owned Brands

Year after year Black-owned businesses are popping up all across Canada making room in the market that caters to those who often are forgotten. Finding the right products to care for curly and kinky hair can and has been a challenge for many. Most brands that do provide good products for curly and natural hair tend to be US-based and hard to find in local stores. These Canadian-made brands are making waves with these products for men and women with curly or natural hair. They are all black-owned and homegrown. The best way to buy the right products for curly hair is to buy from those who are a part of the natural hair community. If you are looking for some new products to add to your curly hair routine or something to help refresh those juicy curls after a long day check out what these black-owned brands have to offer. 

Up North Naturals

Product: Curl Ease Styling lotion

Lisa Keizer, founder of Up North Naturals started her haircare line by researching and experimenting with different ingredients in her kitchen to create chemical-free hair products. She wanted to create products that would repair the hair and scalp after damage from relaxers. All Products by Up North Naturals use natural ingredients to create “glossy well-defined” curls.

The Curl Ease Styling Lotion is a customer favourite. If you are looking for great definition along with bouncy curls this is the product for you. This curling cream works to define your curls without leaving your hair flaky or crunchy. This product adds moisture to all types of hair all while offering a strong hold to ensure your hair lasts throughout the day. The Curl Ease Styling Lotion is made with all-natural ingredients such as rose water, aloe vera juice, sunflower seed oil, and more. 

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Product: Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment 

Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment

The Curl Shoppe is a small business based out of Toronto, Ontario, and founded by Rowan McAnoy. The company started out selling products to friends and family and grew its success to turn the Curl Shoppe into an award-winning brand that now ships all across the world. The Curl Shoppe makes products to help their customers embrace their natural hair and focuses on helping men and women maintain healthy hair and foster self-love. Everyone’s hair is different and there are no curls that are alike so The Curl Shoppe creates products that can work for all hair types and textures.

The Curl Shoppe’s Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment is great for keeping your hair moisturized and is the perfect deep conditioner to repair coloured or damaged hair. The deep conditioner treatment is free of sulfates and gives your scalp a tingly feeling from the peppermint in it. This product uses natural ingredients such as aloe leaf juice and coconut oil. The Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment is a part of the Coconut is Everything line and is offered in a piece trial set. Pair the deep conditioner with the coconut clarifying cleanser and the coconut cream conditioner to start your curly hair routine. The Curl Shoppe has this product and others sold in various stores in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec as well as their online site. 

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Product: Edge Obsessed Enriched Hair Oil

HairDiction was created after CEO Crystal Paul gave birth to her daughter and suffered from post-partum hair loss and shedding. This pushed her to find a remedy to help to regrow her natural hair without using any harsh chemicals. HairDiction prides itself on providing all customers with products that contain 100% organic, natural ingredients free of toxins and chemicals. These products contain strong antioxidants such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, Omega 3 & Omega 6 and work to revitalize and restore your natural hair.

If you suffer from hair loss or thinning hair or simply want something that will help restore damaged hair The Edge Obsessed Sweet Orange Hair Growth Oil is a great product to try. This oil is filled with natural vitamins and improves scalp health. The Edge Obsessed Hair Sweet Orange Hair Growth Oil comes in an applicator bottle to help when sectioning your hair to apply evenly to the scalp. This product is made with all-natural oils such as Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Rosemary Oil, Garlic Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Macadamian Nut Oil, Avocado Oil, Lavender Oil, Coconut Oil, and Sweet Orange Oil.

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LUS Brands 

Product: Wash Style Refresh Kit 

Wash Style Refresh Kit

LUS Brands is a company that has a heavy emphasis on ensuring all their customers can feel good about themselves and let their unique beauty shine through. LUS stands for ‘Love Ur Self’ and resonates in the brand’s mission. Founder Sahar Saidi made it her goal to design easy-to-use products that remove the stigma around natural hair and encourage women to embrace their hair instead of living by the agendas placed upon them by society. 

For some people, simplicity is key when it comes to their hair routine. Not everyone wants to use tons of products to get the desired look for their hair. LUS Brands’ Wash Style Refresh Kit is perfect if you are that person. The kit comes with a gentle and moisturizing shampoo formulated to keep your scalp fresh and clean without the use of sulfates and parabens. The kit also comes with a detangling conditioner and all in one styling product. The conditioner moisturizes your hair making it easy to comb through and detangle, while the all-in-one styling product is used to hydrate, repair and style your hair all at once. This set also comes with a spray bottle that can be used to refresh your hair on day 2 or 3 of styling. Each set is formulated for different hair types. When shopping on the LUS Brands site you can select your hair type, whether wavy, curly, or kinky-coily and you can buy the set that works for your hair. 

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Earthtones Naturals

Product: Curl Define Max Curl Enhancing Gelly 

Curl Define™ Curl Enhancing Gelly

Earthtones Naturals is a hair care line created by Naturopathic Doctor Susan Walker in Ajax, Ontario and all the products are over 80 % natural. All products are gentle and safe and offer a solution to those who have trouble with caring for curly and kinky hair. As stated on their website “Earthtones Naturals was developed out of necessity for Canadian-made premium and effective natural hair and body products.” All formulas for each product have been tested to ensure “low allergenicity and effectiveness.”

The Curl Define Max Curl Enhancing Gelly provides a firm hold and is perfect to use after styling a wash n’ go. This gelly creates defined, moisturized, frizz-free curls with a strong hold that doesn’t heave your hair flaky or crunchy. It can also be used when styling twist-outs and braid-outs. The Curl Define Max Curl Enhancing Gelly creates maximum curl clumping on even the hardest to hold curls, while still ensuring your hair has movement and flexibility. 

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