2020 makeup trends

Eye expression

As long as face masks remain extremely necessary to wear, beauty lovers can adjust by taking out all the stops for eye makeup.

Dark, dramatic cuts creases, and deep thick eyeliners!

Combine the two and you’ve got one of the best makeup comebacks of the retro-era season.

Ditch the normal cat eyeliner for a quick liner swipe.

Very edgy and eye-catching makeup technique.

Don’t forget eyelashes, it might be time to finally master the art of popping them for a final touch of perfection

Nostalgic Makeup

Twiggy makeup is back, Muted colors like tan sage greens baby blue, very nostalgic

And no nostalgic look is completed without the blackest black eyeliner

Glossy lips

The most famous trend in the 1990s made a well-deserved comeback in 2020 that helped us channel our inner pop star.

The candy glosses were rabies back in the day, and with people opting for minimal looks, the rise in shiny lips was well earned.

Glossy lips will help you reach full effect with limited effort and make space for a lot of creativity. Ditch the transparent ones with the paint pop and give the color pop effect to your look.

Pastel French manicure

The classic French manicure is very classy, but it wasn’t discreet in 2020 at all.

People want to make it fun and they did. The classic white tips were changed with color bursts and nail art designs that had a personality of their own.

Ultra-thin colored tips with bright accents that certainly set the beginning of the new decade.

By: Jodi Al Hayek